Beyond the Brink

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Peter Andrews
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Ever controversial, Peter Andrews, described as a prophet in his own land, once again challenges farmers, governments (federal and state), environmentalists and scientists to face the consequences of their actions. Unless attitudes change now, our lands, forests and rivers, flora and fauna, that we have wilfully mistreated for far too many years, will be degraded beyond repair.

Download the Report Download the Brief Play the Game. As the United States and China mark their 40th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations in 2019, the world's most important bilateral relationship is increasingly defined by mistrust, competition, and uncertainty.

By Stephanie Bunbury Beyond the Brink was made between 2009 and 2010 as a personal investigation into the climate change debate. It was filmed at a time when climate change received massive media attention and controversies circulated about its scientific reporting (ones which, in fact, should have cast no doubts about the validity of the science or the reality of the risks). Read "Beyond the Brink Peter Andrews' radical vision for a sustainable Australian landscape" by Peter Andrews available from Rakuten Kobo.