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Alice Green
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Are you just starting out with the art of making macrame knots and you have no idea where to start or how to make your first design? Are you looking for really cool macrame designs to knot but have no clue which to make? Do you want a simplified, step by step process to creating awesome macrame projects in no time? If so, then read on... Macrame is seen by many as a very difficult form of art. This, however, is untrue, but as a beginner, trying to get a grasp of this art can not only be daunting but can be quite frustrating, which can quickly lead to a loss of interest. Yes, getting the patterns and designs right at first may be met with a stiff challenge as with every other new idea or project we attempt in life. But with consistent practice and with the detailed illustrations discussed in the pages of this book, you will no sooner realize that macrame making is a walk in the park than it has been made out to look. The problem isn't the art itself but the knowledge behind the art, which is what this book seeks to help you obtain. Overall, there is no better way of overcoming a challenge than developing awareness on the subject matter. With this in mind, the biggest limitation to making those exciting and amazing macrame projects is no one but yourself. Wouldn't you want to find out how this limitation can be flawlessly overcome to make those fancy and exciting designs? In this book, Modern Macrame Book for Beginners and Beyond, you can be guaranteed of a step by step guide with graphical illustrations to making some of the most eye-catching macrame designs. You might be seeking to learn macrame for many more reasons than the beauty of art. Whether for commercial profits or recreational purposes, this book is your best tool to achieving your goal. Through the in-depth illustrations discussed in this book, you'll soon learn to make your first macrame knot in no time. There are also some advanced level macrame designs for you in this book should you decide you are fit enough to go beyond the basics. Here is a sneak peek of what you will get from this book. You will;Understand how macrame evolved to become what it is in today's world. Discover the knots and patterns most commonly used to create virtually all the beautiful designs you have come across, with directions on how to make each of them in no time. Get familiarized with the essential tools and materials that you will need to make those magnificent macrame designs. Be able to make awesome, eye-catching macrame projects that are super easy. Be taken through the step-by-step instructions to make your own macrame designs with graphical illustrations for each project to ensure you get excellent results. Be exposed to a cross-section of frequently asked questions posed by most macrame crafters.And a whole lot more! This book isn't just designed for absolute beginners alone but comes with some tips and tricks a veteran crafter would love to make reference to. No matter how long you've spent being a veteran crafter, you sure need this book to spur you to greater works through a cross-section of modern-day macrame art pieces. To begin making those eye-popping macrame designs in no time, get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

lark's head knot tutorial alternating square knot tutorial double half hitch knot tutorial Double ... DIY Mini Modern Macrame. This sleek macrame design is super easy to replicate and a nice way to refurbish dull walls in no time.

Macramé for Beginners: A complete step-by-step beginner's guide to awesome DIY ... Modern Macram is a stylish, contemporary guide to the traditional art and craft of macram , including 33 projects, from driftwood wall art and bohemian light fixtures to macram rugs and headboards. The projects are showcased in easy to follow and photogenic project layouts, guiding both the novice and the more experienced crafter in a highly achievable way.