The Angel of Waterloo

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From the author of the best-selling Matilda Saga comes a new series that takes us back to the birth of our nation. The soldiers called her 'The Angel of Waterloo'. This esteemed surgeon's daughter who was born on a battlefield, lost her mother on a battlefield, and then married and was widowed on the battlefield that was Waterloo, where Henrietta Bartlett worked alongside her father on that fateful day in June 1815. But after the carnage of war, 'Hen' dreams of peace, and her own home, and a society that would allow a woman to practice medicine. The new and faraway colony of New South Wales seems a paradise, where even convicts have a chance of a good life and the indigenous women are eager to teach Hen their vast knowledge of medical lore. But as the fallout of Europe's wars casts its dark shadows in the colony, Hen has to work hard to find her place in this new country. From the author of the best-selling Matilda Saga, comes a story about one young girl's journey from the blood-soaked hell that was the Battle of Waterloo to finding her place in the country around Gibber's Creek. The place where Matilda and her father settled in 1894 and sparked a series that is a love song to our land, told by the strong and inspiring women who forged a nation. PRAISE FOR JACKIE FRENCH'S MATILDA SAGA 'An engrossing mystery story, an ode to strong women, and a moving exploration of the private wounds we carry ... a must for your summer reading list' -- Better Reading 'The perfect read for anyone who loves immersing themselves in Australian fiction. Gripping, emotional and moving, ... a great book to curl up with' -- New Idea 'Highly recommended ... this was a complete binge, read in one night because it was just too good and too gripping to put down ... a cracking story filled with rich characters both old and new and imbued with all that we hold dear about Australian love of country and mateship' -- ReadPlus

The patients she treated in secret called her Auntie Love. The powerful new novel from master storyteller Jackie French The soldiers she saved called her the Angel of Waterloo. The husband she loved and lost called her Hen.

The soldiers she saved called her the Angel of Waterloo. The husband she loved and lost called her Hen.