Never to Be Released

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Paul B. Kidd
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This is a book about violent crime. Never to be released-a rare recommendation reserved for the most vicious of killers. The mass murderers. The serial killers. The child murderers. Those who rape and murder in gangs. With the help of legendary police rounds reporter, the late Joe Morris, Paul B. Kidd has compiled the inside stories of Australia's most horrendous crimes to help ensure that their perpetrators remain behind bars.

And, except for two cases - which are included in this book - these days 'never-to-be-released' means exactly that. The only way out is in a black rubber bag with a zipper up the middle, having died either by misfortune, suicide or old age.

At the same time of the discovery the investigating officer Christopher Spotswood commits suicide. "The 4th wall" is one of my shelved passion projects I was doing around 2019' and it will never be released. And the main reason of showing it is mainly to be a cautionary tale and reminder of how not to approach into making short films.