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Dr Sarah McKay
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For women, understanding how the brain works during the key stages of life - in utero, childhood, puberty and adolescence, pregnancy and motherhood, menopause and old age - is essential to their health. Dr Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist who knows everything worth knowing about women's brains, and shares it in this fascinating, essential book.Understanding how the brain grows and changes through the stages of life is key to health and wellbeing. This is not a book about the differences between male and female brains, nor a book using neuroscience to explain gender-specific behaviours, the 'battle of the sexes' or 'Mars-Venus' stereotypes. This is a book about what happens inside the brains and bodies of women as they move through the phases of life, and the unique - and often misunderstood - effects of female biology and hormones.Dr McKay give insights into brain development during infancy, childhood and the teenage years (including the onset of puberty) and also takes a look at mental health as well as the ageing brain. The book weaves together findings from the research lab, case studies and interviews with neuroscientists and other researchers working in the disciplines of neuroendocrinology, brain development, brain health and ageing.This comprehensive guide explores the brain during significant life stages, including:In uteroChildhoodPubertyThe Menstrual CycleThe Teenage BrainDepression and AnxietyPregnancy and MotherhoodMenopauseThe Ageing BrainAbout the AuthorDr Sarah McKay is an Oxford-educated, respected neuroscientist and the founder of the Neuroscience Academy. She specialises in translating brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for peak performance, creativity, health and wellbeing.

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My world changed after I asked one simple question: Is there a difference between the brains of women who never, ever diet and manage to maintain a healthy weight and those of women who only through Herculean efforts experience brief glimpses of healthy weight? In my book I explained the compelling ... In her new book, "The XX Brain," which comes out March 10, she explains the differences between the female and male brains and explores the different ways the brain affects women's health ... The first book to address cognitive enhancement and Alzheimer's prevention specifically in women-and to frame brain health as an essential component of Women's Health. In this revolutionary book, Dr.