Wicca for Beginners

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Lisa Chamberlain
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For anyone seeking to learn more about Wicca and begin practicing it, this introductory guide by bestselling author Lisa Chamberlain is the perfect entry point. As Wicca grows ever more popular, interested novices wonder: How can I get started? Popular Wiccan author Lisa Chamberlain answers their questions in this concise, yet comprehensive guide that covers all the basics: the history of Wicca, its deities, the core elements of its rituals and holidays, setting up an altar, choosing the right tools, the principles of magic and spellwork, how to begin practicing, and much more. She's also included a master spell suitable for beginners.

Sabin covers all basic aspects of Wicca, including what it is, Wiccan beliefs, and where it came from. Covens are a great place to begin Wicca because it makes passing down long traditions of knowledge and spells easy. You will be a part of maintaining a line of ancient knowledge.

It is an important lesson for all beginner Witches. It has been called other names like 4 Powers of the Magus and 4 Secrets of the Sphinx and the Hermetic Quaternary. Wicca for Beginners by Dora Mcgregor is a good resource to learn about the basics.