Leading Learning and Teaching

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Stephen Dinham
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The core purpose of schools and educators must be the successful facilitation of teaching and learning and to do this effectively, teachers must also be leaders. In Leading Learning and Teaching, Stephen Dinham follows up the success of How to Get Your School Moving and Improving with an authoritative, in-depth examination of the field of instructional leadership. Building on extensive research in Australia and around the world, Leading Learning and Teaching examines the importance and impact of instructional leadership. Key themes include successful change management, the effectiveness of teacher professional development and the importance of evidence and the use of data.

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Central to this will be a focus on the role of leadership in supporting quality teaching and improved outcomes of schooling for all students, and the challenges and ... Overview Leading teacher and learning specialist positions are tenured for up to 5 years with the tenure specified in the position advertisement. The successful applicant will be ongoing with tenure in the leadership position. Leading teaching and learning effectively is crucial to the future success of any school leader.