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Jackie French
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It’s 1789, and as the new colony in Sydney Cove is established, Surgeon John White defies convention and adopts Nanberry, an Aboriginal boy, to raise as his son. Nanberry is clever and uses his unique gifts as an interpreter to bridge the two worlds he lives in. With his white brother, Andrew, he witnesses the struggles of the colonists to keep their precarious grip on a hostile wilderness. And yet he is haunted by the memories of the Cadigal warriors who will one day come to claim him as one of their own.This true story follows the brothers as they make their way in the world - one as a sailor, serving in the Royal Navy, the other a hero of the Battle of Waterloo. No less incredible is the enduring love between the gentleman surgeon and the convict girl, saved from the death penalty, to become a great lady in her own right.‘Five Stars’ - ‘..All the characters are well drawn with distinct voices and French offers two strong female characters in Rachel and Maria. ‘Nanberry: Black Brother White’ is a powerful novel, it would fit excellently into the Australian school curriculum but it will also satisfy any reader aged 11 and up including grown-ups’About The AuthorJackie French is a full-time writer who lives near Braidwood in the Araluen Valley, NSW. In 2000, Hitler’s Daughter was awarded the CBC Younger Readers’ Award. To the Moon and Back won the Eve Pownall Award in 2005. Macbeth and Son, and Josephine Wants to Dance were both shortlisted for the 2007 CBC Awards.

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Jackie French uses them to make the details of the early British colony in Australia more vivid. Exercise: Create a simile and metaphor of your own.