Understanding Careers

Understanding Careers - Nicky Dries, John Arnold, J. H. PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on karta-nauczyciela.org.


Nicky Dries, John Arnold, J. H. "Kerr" Inkson
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In the hotly anticipated second edition of Understanding Careers, Kerr Inkson has teamed up with Nicky Dries and John Arnold to take readers on a fascinating journey through the field of Career Studies.Interdisciplinary – the text brings together and critiques a range of perspectives, allowing for a broader and more holistic understanding of the field.Theory and practice – comprehensive coverage of all the key theories and cutting edge research is related to the real world through over 50 cases studies. A new ‘Careers in Practice’ section contains chapters devoted to self-development, career counselling, and organizational practices.International perspective – contains examples, cases, research, references and statistics from a range of countries.Use of metaphor – the text is structured around commonly used metaphors for careers, helping students relate to the ideas presented and providing a framework for analysis and comparison.Ideal reading for students considering their own career and personal development, as well as those studying career development, career guidance or human resource management within a psychology, education, counselling or business degree.

Support for carers from other agencies. Get ... Understanding Jobs to be Done: The bigger picture.

It is usually a profession you have chosen in which you've gotten education and training and have had several years of experience. An example might be if you were a judge. Understanding career gaps and how they affect your employability.