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Fischer, Karen
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Nutritionist, skin expert and a mother-of-two, Karen Fischer is known as the 'last hope' for eczema patients who have tried every therapy and cream to no avail. Inspired initially by her success in treating her own daughter's eczema, for the last ten years Karen has exclusively treated eczema patients of all ages, including newborn babies. Now, in this second edition of her bestselling book, Karen brings you the results of her years of research and shares her tried-and-tested solutions for this heart-breaking condition. This comprehensive guide for eczema sufferers of any age includes: emergency itch-busters; skin care and non-diet information; how to prevent chemical sensitivities; a fast-track detox for adults; dandruff + cradle cap treatments; menus for all ages, including lunchboxes + party food; delicious recipes, and handy shopping lists. It's the book you've been waiting for! Nutritionist Karen Fischer's bestselling The Healthy Skin Diet won 'Best Health, Nutrition or Specific Diet Book' at the prestigious Australian Food Media Awards. In her private practice, Karen has used the Eczema Diet for over a decade to help her patients, of all ages, become eczema-free.

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Author Karen Fischer knows what it's like to suffer from severe skin conditions, and brings a personal approach to her methods which make them clear and easy to ... The result is the first diet designed to correct the underlying causes of eczema; unique in that suffers can gradually revert back to normal diet and remain eczema-free. Whether you have a mild patch of dermatitis or you are enduring chronic eczema from head to toe, The Eczema Diet shows you how to create beautiful skin for life.