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A revolutionary new approach to caring for your baby from a respected Australian GP. Did you know there are things that you can do to help your baby cry and fuss less in the first 16 weeks? Did you know that many parents' nights are unnecessarily disrupted? Are you longing for a deeper connection with your newborn? The first months after a baby's arrival can be exhausting, and attempts at quick fixes are often part of the problem. But a number of obstacles are accidentally put in the way of a healthy night's sleep, and much can be done to help your baby cry less. The Discontented Little Baby Book gives you practical and evidence-based strategies for helping you and your baby get more in sync. Dr Pamela Douglas offers a path that protects your baby's brain development so that he or she can reach his or her full potential. She also offers simple strategies to help you enjoy your baby and live with vitality when faced with the challenges of this extraordinary time. With real-life stories, advice on dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression, and answers to your questions about reflux and allergies, The Discontented Little Baby Book is a compassionate revolution in baby care.

That Gina Ford would ... The Discontented Little Baby Book por Pamela Douglas, 9780702253225, disponible en Book Depository con envío gratis. Prices (including delivery) for The Discontented: Little Baby Book by Pamela Douglas range from $42.70 at Prime up to $82.83. ISBN: 9781459687370 The Discontented Little Baby Book, by Dr Pamela Douglas, is available in bookshops and online at UQP and Amazon, including as an ebook.

Dr Douglas aims to help parents enjoy their babies as much as possible. As the title suggests, this is a book that deconstructs much of the advice parents are routinely given and offers evidence ... Peter Osborne, Political Editor, The Spectator "I devoured it (Contented Little Baby Book) in one sitting.