Hidden Hand

Hidden Hand - Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg | Karta-nauczyciela.org PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on karta-nauczyciela.org.


Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg
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In this landmark follow-up to the bestselling Silent Invasion, Hidden Hand exposes the Chinese Communist Party's global program of influence and subversion, and the threat it poses to democracy. With its enormous economic power, China is now a global political and military force engaged in an ideological struggle with the West. Combining a mass of evidence with unique insights, Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg lay bare the nature and extent of the Chinese Communist Party's influence operations across the Western world in politics, business, universities, think tanks and international institutions such as the UN. This new authoritarian power is using democracy to undermine democracy in pursuit of its global ambitions. Combining meticulous research with compelling prose, Hidden Hand brings to light the Chinese Communist Party's threats to democratic freedoms and national sovereignty across Europe and North America and show how we might push back against its autocratic influence.

I was sent this book or PDF and was intrigued as we are in the midst of a attack on many fronts. We cant see always unless we have had the need to dig and research but the links with Gold, plunder of assets and control were recorded well and those responsible identified and named by Major General Count Cherep ... "Hidden-Hand", my first one that I never got the confirmation email for, and this one, "Hidden_Hand", the one I did get the confirmation for.

Combining a mass of evidence with unique insights, Clive Hamilton ... Directed by Benjamin Stoloff. With Craig Stevens, Elisabeth Fraser, Julie Bishop, Willie Best.