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Catherine Lievens
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When Beck accepted a job working for the council full-time, he did it to be close to Roark. After so many years apart, he was looking forward to bonding with his best friend again. He gets more than he'd bargained for when he finds his mate as soon as he steps into the house the council assassins live in. Armand went through what all the assassins went through-he was taken from his life and his family, locked in a lab, and experimented on. The result is that he can become any person he wants to become. It might be an asset when it comes to his job as a council assassin, but it makes it hard to remember who he is. Beck doesn't want to push Armand, not when it's obvious Armand is struggling. But when Armand is sent on a mission and doesn't come back, Beck lies to the other assassins and tells them he and Armand are bonded to get them to rescue his mate. They save him, but his mission has consequences for a lot of people-including Beck. Will Armand be able to open up to his mate? What will happen when someone shoots Beck, pushing Armand to take care of things by himself?

Heavy heavyweight: rockin', flashy , even delicate, Wow ,this guy can do it all. I like a lotta music and guitarists too, and Beck, the Jeff Beck, always ranks in the upper echelon.

When it comes to electric guitar, I would presume he has influenced everyone since 1965 or so, directly or indirectly. With a massive fusion of funk, dream pop, grunge rock, and electronica, "Dreams" is the explosive lead single from Beck's tenth studio album, following the GRAMMY-winning success of 2014's ... Dr. Beck has published more than 600 articles and authored or co-authored 25 books.