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Francoise Blanchard, Jeremy Leven
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SAY CHIC...C'est magnifique!Ever wonder why some French words have become so common in English as to be clichés? Or why your witty repartee wouldn't be quite so witty without them?In Say Chic, Françoise Blanchard and Jeremy Leven collect more than seventy familiar French words and phrases that have become a permanent part of the American vocabulary. In their clever, often amusing style, the authors explain the origin of each word, its meaning, and how it came to be adopted into English. Uniting the sensibilities of an American author and a French author, these surprisingly entertaining stories combine world history, pop culture, etymology, and pithy observations about Americans and the French, with no small amount of panache.Featuring delightful illustrations, Say Chic will find its raison d'être on the bookshelf of anyone who has ever longed to be an American in Paris and hankers for a bit more of that irresistible je ne sais quoi in America.

Cette robe chemise est féminine élégante et chic. This shirt dress is feminine look, elegant and chic ... How to say chic in Filipino What's the Filipino word for chic? Here's a list of translations.

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