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Nane Quartay
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Come Get Some is a vivid tale of street life and the struggle to conquer poverty and discover one's self through the indomitable will of the human spirit. Four friends -- Mugwump, Whiteboy Paul, Truitt, and Willmon Angel -- are tragic outcasts plunged into a world of shifting morality, sexual exploration and the stinging reality of racism. An illicit relationship with a high school English teacher, a tragic altercation with the police and a youthful indiscretion force them each to confront their personal demons, revealing hard truths that alter their lives forever. When one of the friends is murdered, their friendship is shattered and his violent death tears their clique apart as they go their separate ways. Years later, they are reunited and when forced to face the consequences of their actions they hatch a plan to exact revenge on the man responsible for the murder. Thrust into a world of shifting morality, sexual exploration, and encountering the stinging reality of racism, Come Get Some bridges the gap between a literary, yet fully entertaining style of storytelling. Nane Quartay's bold, literary style captures thoughtful, social commentary through a fast-paced narrative. Come Get Some is a story of survival, friendship, tragedy, and ultimate redemption -- revealing how the bonds of friendship can give people the power they need to overcome all obstacles that life sets in their path.

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