The Complete Guide to Winning Poker

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Albert H. Morehead
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In this one comprehensive volume, by America's leading authority in the field, is everything anyone, from novice to expert, needs to know to play poker to win.This is the biggest, most complete, and most authoritative book ever written on poker—everything there is to know about the Great American Game from the rules of each variation to the most expert instruction on playing the odds. Albert Morehead, author of more than 70 books on the rules and procedures of card games, has taken most of the mystery and even more of the luck out of winning—“Poker is a game of skill. If you aren’t beating the game, you’re being outplayed.” What does count in this game is attitude, judgment, skills, and these can all be acquired.

In certain ways, Morehead does the right things in his book. He describes the fundamentals of poker and makes the distinction between the two basic forms of the game: open poker and closed poker.

When you first start playing in poker tournaments, you tend to play a lot of poker hands because you want to see a lot of flops. You want to see a lot of flops because you view it as fun.