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Tobi Tobin
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In this edgy, frenetic fictionalized memoir, a small-town girl turned linchpin of the Los Angeles club scene draws on her intoxicating but conflicted years working the door of Hollywood's hottest clubs to pen a striking story of ambition, loss, and love. After growing up in idyllic Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, seventeen-year-old Tobi leaves behind a childhood that was anything but idyllic and chases her dreams of modeling to New York. When the Big Apple turns out to be a bust, Tobi finds her way to L.A. and to the fringes of the film world elite. Hungry for an "in" she gets busy barhopping, party-going, and producer-hunting, eventually falling into a beautiful but complicated relationship with a famous actor. Though her own acting career never takes off, a chance encounter lands her a job working the door of an old friend's club. A whole new world opens up. Raw and revealing, Door to Door is both an unprecedented glimpse into the L.A. club scene and the riveting story of a girl who puts it all on the line for her chance to become somebody.

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