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Max Lucado says of this book: "Lynn Anderson has some words for your heart. He will do more than help you deal with people -- he will help you love people. His model? The source of love Himself: Jesus of Nazareth." For Jesus, people are number one. For authentic followers of Jesus, people become top priority as well. Based on Jesus' "creative encounters" with the people he met throughout the Gospel of John, this powerful book will teach you how to treat each individual you meet with the creativity and love exhibited by the Master. Walk through the days of Jesus' life and witness heaven reaching down to humanity, Immanuel among the earthlings, the Christ amidst the commoners; Jesus touch people.

Here are some other examples: Copy ... Matthew 17:7 (KJV) Jesus' touch is like no other. He reaches out to us with the hand of a true servant— with the warmth of deep compassion, with the wonder of tender mercies, with the understanding of a caring shepherd, and with the grace of unconditional love. Jesus' touch, given to us by the Spirit of God and by the people who love us, can help us to live until we die.

There is power in Jesus' touch to make alive; that is, to raise from the dead, both physically and spiritually. The only real and lasting hope THE TOUCH OF JESUS.