Social Work Supervision

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Carlton E. Munson
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A comprehensive view of historical and current approaches to social work supervision, which includes one of the most extensive bibliographies ever compiled on the subject.In this overview of historical and current approaches to social work supervision, topics range from the first documented origins of supervision to the field’s future trends, with special emphasis on organizational authority and the increasingly controversial issue of professional autonomy. In Social Work Supervision, the author offers social work students, instructors, and practicing supervisors valuable practical guidelines and a solid intellectual foundation for an effective and efficient approach to social work supervision, in a compact reference work.

Send a supervision agenda to the supervisor 72 hours (3 working days)beforethe actual supervision. In the agenda, include the topics you want to cover, with a brief sentence describing the nature of the issue. This Guide to Supervision in Social Work Field Education is for anyone wanting to learn about or refresh their knowledge about the theory and practice of supervising social work students during their field education placement.

Supervision is the support and guidance you get from colleagues or managers. It involves: discussing ongoing cases and issues arising from them.