Life As I Knew It

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Randi Hacker
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My name is Angelina Rossini. A little about me:I am sixteen years old.I live in Blodgett, Vermont. Population: 854.Most of my life's been pretty normal for a twenty-first-century American teen.THAT SAID:I'm in love with my best friend who, um, recently came out.I sometimes get the sense that my mother wishes I hadn't been born.I maintain a low level of hostility with at least one of my classmates.I could deal, though. Mainly because my dad was around, and he was my sun. Our sun, really: my mom's, my stepsister's, and mine. My dad kept us all in place, orbiting around him. But then the sun, went out. Click. That was the end of Life As I Knew It -- and the beginning of something a lot different.

Then food saved me. I remember the day that COVID-19 got real for me.

The highs and lows of family life, as a mother pieces together the effects and possible causes of her son's fairly severe autism. Great!! Huw is at the beach with Arthur the big black dog, and Lucy, Maria, and Maria's Mum and Mum.