A Will to Survive

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Franklin W. Dixon
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Frank and Joe are an accident waiting to happen when they go undercover to expose sabotage! The Shorewood Nature Center is a beautiful place to hike...to learn about local ecology...or to fall off a cliff. The Hardys learn that the hard way when they go undercover to investigate strange happenings on the grounds. In no time at all, they get jumped, smoked out, and booby-trapped. The Hardys have never run from a challenge, and they’re not about to start now. Someone will do anything to shut the center down, and Frank and Joe have a clue why: there’s a secret buried somewhere on the center’s grounds—a very valuable secret that’s worth a lot more than the lives of two young detectives!

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Contents 2008 (54) February (44) A Will to Survive; Introduction; Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter Three; Chapter Four; Chapter 5A; Chapter 5B; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter Eleven; Chapter Twelve; Chapter Thirteen; Chapter Fourteen ; Chapter Fifteen; Chapter Sixteen; Chapter Seventeen; Chapter ... In A Will to Survive, John Jackson examines four people's lives that are irrevocably changed by a single simple equipment malfunction. When their small aircraft crashes in the wilderness of Ontario's vast boreal forest, all of the survivors are forced to explore their capacity for innovation, cooperation, and sheer perseverance, knowing it is unlikely they will be rescued by anyone but ... Curiosity's voyage provided a wealth of information about what kind of environment Mars 2020 might face and what technology it would need to survive.