Stress and the Manager

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Karl Albrecht
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Ours is a fast paced world. The need to help ourselves and other professional people manage stress has never been greater. This book pioneered the wave of business interest in stress management, based on Karl Albrecht's original work with stress management training. Use Stress and the Manager as your own personal guide to managing stress, and as a resource for your managers in training programs on personal effectiveness and stress management. It covers the basic definition of stress, how it effects the body, knowing when stress is harmful and when it is not, and how to manage your life, work, and activities to keep stress within your comfort zone. Also covers techniques for managing that can help others control their stress levels. Dr. Hans Selye, father of the medical theory of stress, says, ”I would not hesitate to support this book and will give it a place of prominence in the library of our International Institute of Stress, for all those concerned with management.” Provide a copy of Stress and the Manager to every one of your managers and team leaders.

This post is... As a leader, you step in and help your employees to learn and manage stress in the workplace in a positive manner. You can reduce stress in the workplace by creating a healthy and conducive work environment.

Stress inoculation training. Stress inoculation training (SIT) teaches people specific skills to handle stress more effectively.