The Last Great Getaway of the Water Balloon Boys

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Scott William Carter
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While bullies are beating up Charlie, his ex–bestfriend Jake pulls up in a bright red ’67 Mustang—the principal’s car—and tells him to get in. It’s a choice between a broken nose and the risk of a lifetime, and Charlie, a self-described straight-A student and grade-A geek, decides to take a chance. Now the two teens are on a mission to find Charlie’s absent father and avoid arrest for car theft. An eventful journey puts Charlie in the middle of a court case 1,000 miles from home. And in the courtroom, he will have to make the ultimate choice of his life.

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Charlie is rescued from a trouncing by the school bully by his ex-best friend Jake who's just stolen the principal's car. And so begins a road trip. By Codi Bryan "The Last Great Getaway Of The Water Balloon Boys" By: Scott William Carter is about a student who is kind of nerdy.