Moral and Political Philosophy

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David Hume
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A Collection of essays from famous Scottish philosopher David Hume, one of the most prominent figures of the Scottish Enlightenment and a close friend of Adam Smith. Hume's contributions to economics are found mostly in his Political Discourses (1752), which were later incorporated into his Essays (1758).

Introduction; Requirements; This minor provides a pathway into contemporary moral, political and social philosophy. The ideas with which it deals not only constitute a lively field in their own right, but have had considerable influence upon work that has taken place in a number of other disciplines.

His vision of the world is strikingly original and still relevant to contemporary politics. Thomas Hobbes's moral and political philosophy is constructed around the basic premise of social and political order, explaining how humans should live in peace under a sovereign power so as to avoid conflict within the ' state of nature '. Demonstrate knowledge of concepts, principles, and methods central to moral and political philosophy. Apply knowledge of concepts, principles and methods central to moral and political philosophy.