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The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry presents a new view of psychiatry, melding traditional biologic, neuro-, and descriptive psychiatry into a broad neuropsychiatric approach to diagnosis and treatment. The book relies on insights from basic neuroscience, neuropsychology, behavioral neurology, and neuropsychopharmacology, along with experience in the study and treatment of thousands of patients. Incorporating step-by-step assessment and management strategies, Taylor provides a practical guide for state-of-the-art clinical care. Divided into three parts, the book presents the principles of diagnosis and techniques for performing the traditional descriptive psychiatric evaluation and mental status examination, as well as the cognitive and behavioral neurologic exam, and a rational guide for the use of laboratory studies. The Neuropsychiatric Guide also provides practical and operational definitions of all major psychopathology, and detailed descriptions and treatment strategies for all psychotic disorders, common dementias and delirium, behavioral neurologic syndromes (including psychosensory and psychomotor states and regional cortical syndromes, and sexual dysfunctions. In addition, the author includes a guide for the use of psychotropics and ECT, acute inpatient unit organization and management, principles and practical techniques of psychiatric consultation, neuropsychiatric emergency management, and the diagnosis and care of the elderly patient.

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