The Secret Santa

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Carolyn Keene
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Someone is playing a Ho! Ho! Ho-rrible trick on Nancy Drew!Christmas is coming, and Nancy's third grade class is having a Secret Santa exchange. That means cards, candy, and a special gift for everyone. Everyone except Nancy Drew!Is it a mistake? Is somebody just being silly or mean? Or is someone hiding something and afraid to tell the truth? One thing's for sure. Nancy's presents are gone, and all she has to unwrap is one big mystery!

A Secret Santa gift exchange can take place at a party or with participants all over the world! The basic concept of the Secret Santa game is simple. Secret Santa gifts have become a fun tradition in many Australian homes and the workplace. Buying your Secret Santa gift from The Smith Family will help gift disadvantaged Australian children access to the quality education that they deserve. Bombolini is a fairly worthless drunk in the small Italian town of Santa Vittoria in the closing days of World War II.

I think if you... Meanwhile, if you're organising a virtual Secret Santa, it might be wise to start early and allow more time before the virtual celebration so everyone can receive their gifts on time! 10. Leave clues throughout the game.