Navigating the Winds of Change

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Anderson, a well-known author, minister, and leader, shows how the church can manage cultural change without compromising eternal truths. How can your church manage cultural change without compromising eternal truths? Many churches are currently grappling with this question, and this important book by Lynn Anderson is full of answers. The winds of change are blowing, and they cannot be ignored. Churches that learn how to successfully manage the changes these winds bring will sail smoothly into the 21st century. Congregations that close their eyes to the reality of change will be swept off course or into extinction.In this book, Anderson—a well-known author, minister, and leader—presents a wealth of practical, effective strategies for managing change in the church. He is the creative force behind the annual "Church That Connects" seminar that has helped hundreds of church leaders manage positive change in their congregations, and now he gives these vital strategies directly to you.

Inner Guidance. I surrender in joyousness to the direction in which each of my experiences leads me and to the divine process itself.

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