Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

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Kate Douglas Wiggin, Marion Dane Bauer (Foreword by)
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When Rebecca Rowena Randall goes to live with her spinster aunts in Riverboro, Rebecca's aunts find her to be more of a handful than they bargained for. But even more surprising than the transition of Rebecca into a well-mannered young lady are the effects that Rebecca has on her aunts' humdrum lives. Rebecca, with her wide dark eyes and spirit that no walls can contain, will change their lives -- and the lives of everyone she meets -- forever.

Her joy for life ends up inspiring them. (summary from Wikipedia) Genre(s): Family.

When the play premiered on Broadway in the 1910 theater season ... Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Synopsis: Rebecca's Uncle Harry leaves her with Aunt Miranda who forbids her to associate with show people. But neighbor Anthony Kent is a talent scout who secretly set it up for her to broadcast. I first read this book when I was seven, which was over forty years ago.