The Long Trail

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Deborah Hopkinson, Bill Farnsworth (Illustrator)
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Klondike or bust! Stowing away on the steamer Al-Ki was only the beginning of Davey's daring quest to find his uncle in the Klondike. Now he's camping in the rough-and-tumble town of Skagway, working for his photographer friend Erik Larsen, and preparing for his next challenge -- the steep, treacherous, hundreds-of-miles-long Chilkoot Trail. When Erik falls ill on the trail, Davey fears he will not be able to go on -- until he gets help from a surprising ally.

The number of club members continued to grow over the years, and two decades after its founding, in 1931, the volunteers created the Long Trail Patrol. The primary purpose of the patrol is to support and protect the Long Trail System.

Section hikers tackle the trail in bursts, often completing the Long Trail over the course of many years. Troops of the South African Scottish Regiment on the Moislains-Bouchavesnes road, 23 March 1918. Welcome to the Long, Long Trail! I am very pleased to welcome you to the Long, Long Trail, my site dedicated to helping you discover the British army and its soldiers of the First World War. Long Trail Patrol.