Your Authentic Self

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Ric Giardina
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Can we ever learn to just be ourselves at work?In Your Authentic Self, Ric Giardina says we can. He tells how, by honoring our authentic self at work, we open the doors to hidden gifts, including creativity, intuition, and innovation. The end result is greater clarity of insight and better on-the-job performance, expanding our opportunities for advancement even as we enjoy more fulfilling work relationships.Through the practical, easy-to-follow techniques and exercises in this book, you will discover ways to get the most out of your work life and begin recognizing it as an integral part of your personal and spiritual journey

You may have found that it's easier to fill the roles your family and friends expect of you, rather than becoming who you ... Showing up as your "authentic" self is the baseline to building meaningful relationships at work, but it also requires time and intent. The best tool you have here is listening. Being authentic means that you act in ways that show your true self and how you feel.

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