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The Beastly Boys
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ULF'S MOST DANGEROUS MISSION YET! Beasts are on the loose in Capitol City, terrifying the citizens, and now there's a call for beasts to be banished for good! Ulf is convinced the evil Baron Marackai is behind it, with his plans to bring back the beast trade - but can he prove it? The future of ALL beasts depends on him...

All have worked in publishing and all three live in Kent. Reviews ""Gerard Doyle's vocal talents and character depiction enhance the tale, helping to maintain the intensity and mystery of the story throughout ... Embarking on his most dangerous adventure yet when he journeys to Capitol City, Ulf the werewolf works to prevent the wicked Baron Marackai from restoring the beast trade and overturning beast cruelty laws First-Crop sire The Big Beast OBS Spring Sale of 2-year-olds in Training results were topped during Wednesday's session when a filly by the Ocala Stud stallion sold for $205,000...

Best Sellers Today's Deals Prime Home Customer ... (ebook) The Big Beast Sale: An Awfully Beastly Business (9780857076472) from Dymocks online store. ULF'S MOST DANGEROUS MISSION YET! Beasts are on the loose...