Mixing Minds

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Pilar Jennings, Jeremy D. Safran (Foreword by)
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"We cannot find ourselves, or be ourselves, alone." - from Mixing Minds Mixing Minds explores the interpersonal relationships between psychoanalysts and their patients, and Buddhist teachers and their students. Through the author's own personal journey in both traditions, she sheds light on how these contrasting approaches to wellness affect our most intimate relationships. These dynamic relationships provide us with keen insight into the emotional ups and downs of our lives - from fear and anxiety to love, compassion, and equanimity. Mixing Minds delves into the most intimate of relationships and shows us how these relationships are the key to the realization of our true selves.

Jul 18, 2002 #1 Mixing Minds -- (September/December 2001) by Jarvinia/CousinGryffon This is just something that came to me not long after watching my tape of 'Be My Valentine'. I want to thank my real-life friend, Liz, for fixing some of my grammar, for the improved title, and for ... Mixing Minds is a must-read for every teacher of Buddhism in America, and for psychologists and psychiatrists who want to understand their work through the lens of Buddhist spirituality.

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