Fatal Attraction

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Carolyn Keene
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Newspaper publisher Frazier Carlton comes to Nancy with a delicate problem. He wants her to investigate his daughter Brenda’s new boyfriend. The trouble is, Brenda is Nancy’s arch rival, and as soon as Nancy starts investigating Mike McKeever, Brenda suspects Nancy of being interested in him. Could things get worse? Yes! It seems Mike has a very shadowy past and one of his girlfriends never made it home…How can Nancy get Brenda to listen to her, before she ends up as another one of Mike’s statistics?

Fatal Attraction: A Minister's Unholy Intentions Are Revealed When a Young Woman Goes Missing. Fatal Attraction BLOG Fatal 5: Guys To Avoid.

The series airs on the TV One cable channel. A potboiler in the finest sense, Fatal Attraction is a sultry, juicy thriller that's hard to look away from once it gets going. fatal attraction 1. In a romantic relationship, an attraction to the very qualities in a person that ultimately lead to the relationship falling apart.