Impolite Conversations

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Cora Daniels, John L. Jackson Jr.
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When was the last time you said everything on your mind without holding back? In this no-holds-barred discussion of America’s top hot-button issues, a journalist and a cultural anthropologist express opinions that are widely held in private—but rarely heard in public.Everyone edits what they say. It’s a part of growing up. But what if we applied tell-it-like-it-is honesty to grown-up issues? In Impolite Conversations, two respected thinkers and writers openly discuss five “third-rail” topics—from multi-racial identities to celebrity worship to hyper-masculinity among black boys—and open the stage for honest discussions about important and timely concerns. Organized around five subjects—Race, Politics, Sex, Money, Religion—the dialogue between Cora Daniels and John L. Jackson Jr. may surprise, provoke, affirm, or challenge you. In alternating essays, the writers use reporting, interviews, facts, and figures to back up their arguments, always staying firmly rooted in the real world. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t, but they always reach their conclusions with respect for the different backgrounds they come from and the reasons they disagree. Whether you oppose or sympathize with these two impassioned voices, you’ll end up knowing more than you did before and appreciating the candid, savvy, and often humorous ways in which they each take a stand.

'00GSAS lead the way in this effort with alternating essays on, as the subtitle suggests, "race, politics, sex, money, and religion." Rejecting the point ... Impolite Conversation: Religion and Politic‪s‬ Tim Hill Dan Clanton Doane University News 5.0 • 5 Ratings; A scholarly-but-informal monthly chat at the intersection of religion and politics. MAR 1, 2021 #67: Rural Conservatism and Dan's New Book! #67: Rural Conservatism and Dan's New Book! ... Every other month, we seek to get together to discuss topics that may be considered impolite for public conversation.

Journalist Cora Daniels '94JRN and cultural anthropologist John L. Jackson Jr.