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Elaine Clayton
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Through the simple act of drawing—whether it’s doodling or creating detailed illustrations—embrace your inner voice and unlock the power of your intuitive intelligence.Do you remember being a child and the pure joy brought on by a box of crayons and piece of paper? Do you still find yourself sketching away every time you pick up a pencil? That’s because drawing is a natural impulse that stays with us throughout our entire lives. Whether you are doodling in a notebook or carving your name in the sand, this simple, stream-of-consciousness activity is a window into your deepest, truest self. In Making Marks, you’ll learn that every single line, smudge, or spot you make contains visual imagery with the power to heal the past, develop your sense of empathy, and reveal solutions and answers you never realized before. You don’t need to have any specific experience or skills to benefit from this book; through simple steps and interactive exercises, people of all ages and artistic abilities can gain insight and learn to reconnect with their creative selves. With beautiful black-and-white and full-color illustrations, Making Marks is a powerful guide to self-discovery. Tap into your unconsciousness as artist and spiritual guide Elaine Clayton takes you on a journey of the soul.

Profile: In 2012, Making Marks arose from the ashes of Norwegian indie pop band My Little Pony. Sites:, Facebook, Twitter.

Finger paints. Place different coloured finger paints on the table and let the children make various ... Making Marks - B4 Early Years Coalition The B4 Early Years Coalition and partners invited all children aged birth to four years to make marks - and saw over 130 works submitted for the Making Marks children's art exhibition. Making Marks creates and facilitates the creation of artworks for public, architectural, private commissions and memorial stones.