Help! I've Turned Into My Mother

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ReShonda Tate Billingsley
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Warm, witty, and wise -- a unique collection of anecdotes and actual conversations helps African-American daughters understand, accept, and, if necessary, forgive their mothers. Tell a woman she is "turning into her mother" and chances are she will deny it. Some will defy it. Ultimately, though, recognition will finally set it or not , daughters often emulate their mothers. In an era when more mothers and daughters are exploring their relationships, Help! I've Turned Into My Mother offers an eclectic collection of true stories that provides a unique opportunity for discussion. Readers will see themselves, or others, in these tales from real-life women of all ages, races, and walks of life. Gathered by the author from messages she received on her website, the narratives include delightful reflections on the joys of growing up female, to hilarious accounts of the agony and ecstasy of being a young woman, to heartfelt tributes to parents and mentors who helped smooth the path to adulthood. Written with humor and warmth, they offer advice, encouragement, and inspiration for anyone juggling the diverse demands of life today.

On one of this trips to a doctor's office, we were in the car enjoying the ride when suddenly I heard someone popping their gum. This is where my Mom comes in, she popped her gum ... I'VE COMPLETELY TURNED INTO HER.

She's crazy (the fun kind you invite to parties, not the kind you have escorted out of the party by the cops). She is outspoken.