The Dark Corner

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Christopher Pike
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A secret portal leads to danger and darkness in this seventh book in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike’s Spooksville series.At Sally’s insistence, the gang sets out to find the cool and sophisticated Bryce Poole. He went off to investigate the Secret Path a week ago and hasn’t been seen since. When they find his backpack abandoned next to Madeline Templeton’s tombstone, they know he’s gone to a different realm. Sally, Adam, and Watch travel through the tombstone’s portal and find themselves in a better version of Spooksville: it has all the same buildings, except everything is brighter and more beautiful. Even the cheeseburgers taste better. But something dark lurks beneath this sunny Spooksville...

มองเข้าไปใกล้ๆสิ His first film under the contract was The Dark Corner (1946), a film noir directed by Henry Hathaway where he gave a version of his Laura performance. Clifton Webb-Wikipedia.

In the midst of their budding ... This month I read Spooksville The Dark Corner written by Christopher Pike. It is a mystery book that takes places in all different kinds of spooky places that Bryce, Cindy, Watch, and Sally experience.