Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin

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Marguerite Henry, Wesley Dennis (Illustrator)
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Newbery Award–winning author Marguerite Henry’s beloved novel about a boy who would do anything to paint is now available in a collectible hardcover gift edition.Benjamin West was born with an extraordinary gift—the gift of creating paintings of people, animals, and landscapes so true to life they “took one’s breath away.” But Benjamin is part of a deeply religious Quaker family, and Quaker beliefs forbid the creation of images. Because Benjamin’s family didn’t approve of his art, he had to make his own painting supplies. The local Native Americans taught him how to mix paints from earth, clay, and plants. And his cat, Grimalkin, sacrificed hair from his tail for Ben’s brushes. This classic story from Newbery Award–winning author Marguerite Henry features the original text and illustrations in a gorgeous collectible hardcover edition.

The book tells the story of artist Benjamin West, who from a young age loved to draw. His artistic talents were not always appreciated by his Quaker family. Even if you know nothing about the man Benjamin West (more on him later), the fictionalized story of this slice of his childhood life draws you in and makes you want to keep reading to learn the fate of this young boy we meet first at seven years-old.

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