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Andre D. Jones
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In this unorthodox tale of power plays, love affairs, and betrayal, two ambitious sisters learn that everything comes at a price—and what may feel good isn’t always good for you.Pink lips can be a sign of grace, class, and beauty, but for sisters Willow and Kail, it means power and respect. They will do anything under the sun to become part of the higher echelon, so they pay a massive fee to join an organization and get their lips etched in pink. And life is good for the pair—until an accidental phone dismantles the whole organization. With their lives upended, Willow and Kail flee to the streets of their hometown, Philadelphia, for a fresh start. With a new clientele and a hunger for money, they try to resurrect the organization that ended at their own hands. Money is the main goal for everyone involved until Willow meets Duke, a neighborhood hardhead, and is bitten by the love bug. Kail objects to the relationship, but Willow ignores her sister’s warnings, falling deeper and deeper in love. As the sisters turn against each other, skeletons hidden in the closet are revealed, and the saying “blood is thicker than water” is tested to the fullest. Will they be able to come to an agreement, or will blood be shed first?

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