The Search for Cindy Austin

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Carolyn Keene
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When a twelve-year-old prodigy child disappears, Nancy comes to the rescue. She finds Cindy once—but then the young girl is kidnapped by an enemy agent! Can Nancy track her down a second time and uncover the kidnapper’s identity before it is too late?

Also Known As Akas, alternate spellings, misspellings, maiden and married names for Cindy Austin . Cindy Lynn Austen, Cindy L Gannon, Cindy Austen Gannon More , Cindy A ... The Search for Cindy Austin by Carolyn Keene and Publisher Aladdin.

Nancy is on the casewhen the daughter of two governmental scientists goes missing! Cindy is known to run away when she's bored, but with her parent's research finished worries rise that she could have kidnapped by the governments greatest enemy! Is Cindy missing of her own free will? Nancy must find her as soon as possible in order to discover the truth ... The Search for Cindy Austin (Nancy Drew) by Carolyn Keene (1-Mar-1989) Paperback: Books - The Search for Cindy Austin. Try Storytel The Search for Cindy Austin.