Flower Power

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Carolyn Keene
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It's a blooming mystery! Nancy and her friends agree that the Pink Princess daisies they've grown from seed are the prettiest flowers ever. They're sure to win a prize at the spring flower show. But shortly before the event, the daisies disappear! Snobby fourth-grader Viola Van Hall told the girls that her flowers were going to take first prize. Classmate Orson Wong wanted the daisies for a horrible science experiment. Belle Bridges sprinkles flower petals all over her salads -- she might have eaten the daisies. Have the girls lost the chance to win the contest, or is the answer to the mystery right under their noses?

Isgrate Giftoyu has hired you to pick blop flowers. Take 5 Blopshroom ... " Flower Power " is the sixth Japanese single released by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

I am providing 9 designs depicting simple floral favourites, to create a 9-patch style quilt and this is FREE for all to join in the fun during our i-SEW-lation. Instructional video for each block is available on my YouTube channel, "Helen Godden Quilts". Flower Power contains elements, like zinc and boron, that are essential for optimum pollination.