Awakening Through Love

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John Makransky, Lama Surya Das (Foreword by), Philip Osgood (Editor)
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Drawing from the author's life as a father, professor, Buddhist, and Buddhist teacher — as well as on pop culture references from Bob Dylan to Harry Potter — Awakening Through Love is a welcoming guide to achieving the deepest well-being and joy. Rooted in Buddhism’s Dzogchen tradition, the book teaches strategies for realizing a life imbued with love through Buddhist methods for fostering genuine caring and appreciation for others. To help readers achieve this state, the author presents practices and meditations for gradual cultivation and direct insight. He also provides a moving presentation of the role of a teacher, or “benefactor,” in deepening one’s spiritual path. Part of the book’s effectiveness is that it uncovers universal elements in Buddhist ideas and practices and renders them usable for a general audience, with many references to the adaptability of these methods for use in conjunction with the traditions of other religions.

John Makransky has done us all a great service." Joseph Goldstein "Awakening Through Love is an uplifting and joyful reminder of our human potential. As a manual for practice, it wonderfully supports our shift from a contracted self-centeredness to the profound expansiveness of ... In the book Awakening Through Love: Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness, John Makransky pioneers new ways of making Tibetan Buddhist practices of compassion and wisdom accessible to people of all backgrounds and faiths.

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