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Edith Wharton
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A rare work of nonfiction from Edith Wharton, The Writing of Fiction contains brilliant advice on writing from the first woman ever to win a Pulitzer Prize -- for her first novel The Age of Innocence. In The Writing of Fiction, Wharton provides general comments on the roots of modern fiction, the various approaches to writing a piece of fiction, and the development of form and style. She also devotes entire chapters to the telling of a short story, the construction of a novel, and the importance of character and situation in the novel. Not only a valuable treatise on the art of writing, The Writing of Fiction also allows readers to experience the inimitable but seldom heard voice of one of America's most important and beloved writers, and includes a final chapter on the pros and cons of Marcel Proust.

In most cases, a literary fiction novel will have a plot that is based on character. It means that the events of the plot itself are internal - however, they will be caused by parallel external factors. Much of writing is instinctual, born of exposure to good stories and a lot of practice.

Richard Grant's ... Expository Writing. A type of non-fiction that teaches the readers about something, giving them basic information about a topic and providing them with facts is called expository writing.