The Alphabetical Hookup List R-Z

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Phoebe McPhee
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How 3 girls tried to hook up with 78 guys in 1 semester: the final Installment. It's coming down to the wire.... Jodi has taken a job as a cab driver. What better way to meet random guys? Celeste still just wants to meet Mr. Right. No matter what letter his name starts with. Ali maintains a commanding lead. Unfortunately, she's stuck on "R." But the girls have bigger worries than hooking their way up through the end of the alphabet. Somebody knows all about their little contest. Somebody sleazy. And if they don't do exactly what he tells them to, they're all going to lose. Who would have thought the ABCs could be so dangerous?

eBook 9780743464338 (0.2 MB) The Alphabetical Hookup List R-Z. By Phoebe McPhee.

(For one long weekend, anyway.) Unfortunately -- thanks to a series of mishaps including scandalous behavior in the library stacks, a guitar-shaped tattoo, and a missing $6,000 -- their troubles just got a lot worse. And the ABCs just ... The Alphabetical Hookup List R-Z Sep 25, 2002 by Phoebe McPhee ( 2 ) "The Alphabetical Hookup List" can sound intriguing at first: Three girls with little in common are crammed into a tiny dorm room.