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Ed Gillespie
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It's been nearly two decades since Chris Matthews' national bestseller Hardball opened a door onto the inner workings of Washington politics, and now the time is ripe for a sharp, new insider's perspective on how the game is played and on the challenges facing the Republican Party in the future. No one is more qualified to provide that analysis than Ed Gillespie: In Winning Right, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee draws from lessons learned in more than twenty years of campaign strategy and national policy debate -- most especially from his role at the heart of the historic and groundbreaking 2004 presidential election -- to reveal how the game of politics is played on its highest level. In a frank and engaging narrative, he looks inside the George W. Bush presidency and beyond, to discuss such topics asA political code of ethics and playing by the rulesSuccesses and failures in campaign planning and executionThe role of old and new mediaThe battle for the Supreme CourtHot-button issuesThe future of the GOP -- and how to win right in 2008

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