The Chinese New Year Mystery

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Carolyn Keene, Jan Naimo Jones (Illustrator)
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WHAT'S CHINESE NEW YEAR WITHOUT A DRAGON? The third-grade classes at Nancy's school are learning about Chinese culture, and they'll celebrate the Chinese New Year with a special parade. The highlight of the parade will be a dragon costume. Nancy's class is making it out of feathers, sequins, gold tassels, and red silk. But right before the big day, the dragon disappears! Nancy, Bess, and George are in the New Year's spirit. They've enjoyed a delicious feast at the home of their classmate Mari Cheng. She's even lent the girls special Chinese outfits to wear. But without the dragon, there will be no parade. And that makes Nancy roaring mad!

ISBN: 0613583566 (ISBN13: 9780613583565) Edition language: English ... The 2019 Chinese Calendar with Chinese New Year and twelve lunar months.. Today China has adopted the Gregorian Calendar for official purposes.

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