The Confidence-Man

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Herman Melville
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In Herman Melville’s The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade, a group of steamboat passengers paddle to New Orleans on April Fool’s Day. As the Mississippi carries them down river, everyone is selling something: quack remedies; stock in a mining company about to fail; a fraudulent charity for widows and orphans. Set on the eve of the Civil War, as the frontier rapidly expands and Native Americans are driven to near-extinction, Melville’s narrative poses the question: “In which institution does one place one’s faith?”A satire on the works of Manifest Destiny, The Confidence-Man was Herman Melville’s last novel before he retired from writing.HarperPerennial Classics brings great works of literature to life in digital format, upholding the highest standards in ebook production and celebrating reading in all its forms. Look for more titles in the HarperPerennial Classics collection to build your digital library.

In it, one mysterious man sneaks onto a Mississippi steamboat. He tests the confidence and doubts of the passengers, while conning money off of them one by one through different masquerades. The Confidence Man is a little clunky, mainly because, while it's a lot of fun to watch your fellow audience members in action, the performances are perforce very basic (I was a truly terrible ... Starring smooth vocals by Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, this classified musical collab between Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie is your very own self help book.

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