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Justine Musk
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Kelly Ruland's world fell apart when her brother Jasper walked away the sole survivor of a car accident...and kept walking right out of town. She doesn't want to believe that Jasper was at fault - but then why did he run away? How could he abandon Kelly and her parents? Now, former star student and athlete Kelly struggles to care about anything anymore, sleepwalking through school and experimenting with dangerous behavior as she tries to fill the void inside her. Then one night, Jaspers returns...but he's not alone. Someone has followed him home. Someone who hides in the space behind the truth, who hovers in the shadows between the known and the unknown. His name is Archie, and he is the stranger they never asked to know, the guest they never invited . And he's about to challenge Kelly and Jasper to a game that demands a price they may not be willing to pay...

This site collects and curates that expanding creative world. Uninvited: not searched or asked for. Synonyms: unasked, unbidden, unsolicited… Antonyms: requested, solicited… Find the right word.

12 synonyms for uninvited: unasked, unbidden, unwanted, not asked, unwelcome, not invited ... uninvited He was advised to take precautions to prevent uninvited visitors or tourists visiting the graves. From the Cambridge English Corpus One year he even posted guards at the doors of the seminar room to keep uninvited people out. The Uninvited (also known as The Lonely One and Vagrant of the Void) is the second of eight Eldritch Terrors to arrive in Greendale, manifesting itself as a grotesques homeless man who knocks on the doors of his victims and attacks them if they prove inhospitable.