More Than This

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Margo Candela
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Sometimes what we have is not enough.She doesn't know his name and he doesn't know hers, but they just might be perfect for each other. Alexander Velazquez, an ambitious lawyer from a working-class neighborhood, and Evelyn Sinclair, a daughter of privilege trying to make it on her own, are strangers living parallel yet very different lives. Alex finds himself deeply entrenched in the life of an unredeemable client, and Evelyn realizes she's committed herself to a company with questionable ethics.They are both brokenhearted workaholics constantly trying to keep up with the demands of family and friends. What they both want is to find meaning in their lives; what they're doing is looking in the wrong directions. As they watch each other through their office windows, all they can do is wonder about what might happen if they took a chance on the stranger across the street.

Roxy Music is a British art rock group which formed in 1971 in London, England. Led ... [Intro] [D] [D7] [D] [D7] [Verse] I could [G] feel at the [C] time There was [Am] no way of [D] knowing Fallen [G] leaves in the [C] night Who can [Am] say where they're [D] blowing As [G] free as the [C] wind [Am] Hopefully [D] learning Why the [G] sea on the [C] low tide Has [Am] no way of [D] turning [Chorus] More than [G] this - there is [C] nothing More than [G] this - tell me [C] one ... More Than This.

I'm broken, do you hear me? I'm blinded, 'cause you are everything I see I'm dancing, alone I'm praying, that your heart will just turn around. And as I walk up to your door My head turns to face the floor 'Cause I can't look you in the eyes and say.