The World Is Made of Stories

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David R. Loy
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In this dynamic and utterly novel presentation, David Loy explores the fascinating proposition that the stories we tell--about what is and is not possible, about ourselves, about right and wrong, life and death, about the world and everything in it--become the very building blocks of our experience and of reality itself. Loy uses an intriguing mixture of quotations from familiar and less-familiar sources and brief stand-alone micro-essays, engaging the reader in challenging and illuminating dialogue. As we come to see that the world is made--in a word--of stories, we come to a richer understanding of that most elusive of Buddhist ideas: shunyata, the "generative emptiness" that is the all-pervading quality inherent to all mental and physical forms in our ever-changing world. Reminiscent of Zen koans and works of sophisticated poetry, this book will reward both a casual read and deep reflection.

They whisper of themselves into our ears, give us the briefest of glimpses, a flicker of taste, and the gentlest of touches. They tell us lies which hint of something more.

Where is the reality? He begins with the well-known quote by the poet Muriel Rukeyser: "The universe is made of stories, not atoms." Every day we process hundreds if not thousands of accounts of something in forms ranging from myths, to cultural obsessions, to talk shows, to novels, to poems, to soap operas, to scientific data. The exhibition 'The World is Made of Stories' is a constellation of narrative works that tell private and public stories. Together, they make up a multi-layered narrative referring to different times and geographical places.